The Steps of Windscreen Cleaning Inside


Having a clear vision throughout the windscreen is a must for you, no matter how much experience a driver you are. And to make sure that every time you drive the car, you need to ensure a crystal clear windscreen.

But here the story takes an interesting turn.

By cleaning the windscreen, many of the users only consider using the outer portion of the windscreen. But let us inform you that, the insider part of the windscreen also gets dirty on a regular basis.

And unless you are okay with it and do clean it on regularly, this might bring on some troublesome situation.

In this post, we have decided to rescue you out of this problem. Go through the list of reasons why windscreen gets dirty from inside, and the step by step solution of that problem. Cleaning inside of windshield with a vinegar is one of the process but I will tell you the best way to clean inside car windscreen.

Let’s start the journey-

Why Windscreen Cleaning Inside Is Important?

It’s quite beyond question that why windscreen cleaning is important. For every car or automotive driver, looking through the windscreen is a must to do act. In case you have a dirty windscreen, this will create trouble in driving and sensing the road ahead.

Before learning the important, here is the list of reasons that can make your windscreen dirty-


Many of us have the bad habit of smoking inside the car. For most of them, the windscreen gets affected through the smoke. Smoke contains carbon containments, which lead to such a problem.

Dust and Dirt

It’s not only the outside of the windscreen that gets affected by the dust and dirt outside. Sometimes, they get into the inside portion of the windscreen as well. For these, they often create a dirty windscreen from the inside direction.

Greasy windshield inside

This is quite of unknown reasons for windscreen getting dirty. And it’s the greasy outgassing. But before that, let’s understand what outgassing is.

There are many parts of the car which are made of vinyl or plastic. If so, they are made of synthetic crude. These synthetic crudes often create a layer of semi-transparent materials. And this makes the windscreen dizzy.

Other Factors

There are some more factors apart from the ones that we have mentioned in the list. Sometimes, kids do the finger made a painting on the windscreen. And eventually, create some stain on the screen. Eventually, that creates a semi-transparent layer on the screen.

Therefore, it’s super important to get rid of all these reasons, and eventually, get rid of the dirty windscreen we are talking about. And throughout the following sections, we will be taking you through the steps of the process-

Steps on Windscreen Cleaning Inside 

Items You Need

The items that you need for this process is not that much longer. But there are three most essential items that you can’t help using.

Here is the list-

  1. A bottle of glass cleaner. 
  2. Magic eraser from any good brand. 
  3. Towels made of microfibers.
  4. Dry cloth.

As you are done with collecting all these essentials, let’s proceed through the steps of cleaning windscreen from inside-

Step 1: Wash The Exterior Surface

Before starting the steps of cleaning the interior side of the windscreen, it’s important that you clean the outside surface. Because that won’t let you clearly visualize the dirt and stains inside.

There are several methods and products to do that. But as we are not talking about cleaning car windscreen from outside, we will not talk about those processes here. Just do the best you can do to clean this up.

Step 2: Wipe off The Insider Surface of The Windscreen

Now, you have to take a microfiber cloth and wipe the insider portion of the windscreen. To do that, make the microfiber cloth wet with some drops of water.

It’s better if you can rinse the microfiber into warm water. Because a cloth rinsed through warm water works better against all sorts of dirt and debris.

Once you are done with wiping off the inside part of the windscreen, proceed to the next steps.

Step 3: Clean of The Grease

For several reasons, one of the major kind of dirt that builds on the windscreen is grease and oil-based particles. To take that off completely, a merely wiping through a wet cloth is not important. You need to use something like a magic eraser instead.

In this regard, you can find many models of magic erasers. We won’t recommend a particular product here. But make sure that whichever you chose, is good enough to fight against hard and stubborn grease and oil.

Step 4: Use A Glass Cleaner

After you are done finding the right model of glass degreaser, take essential amount of it into a new microfiber cloth, and make sure it is immersed into the cloth properly.

Now, start cleaning the insider windscreen with the cloth. Be mild and gentle with the amount of pressure you will be putting onto the glass. Don’t over-push it as it might cause damage to the glass surface.

Step 5: Wipe Again, and Dry It Up

Once you are done with the magic eraser degreaser, the oil-based dirt and greases will be vanished by then. All you would see is some scratches and spots, in case the car is being used for a long time.

However, we can declare that our task is completed by now. Wipe it again with a wet microfiber cloth. And dry it up in open air. Actually it is a different choice for people to use clean inside windshield tool but using this tricks which I provided is also be helpful to you.  That’s it how to clean windshield haze.

Bottom Line

The best way to clean the inside part of the windscreen is to keep it in touch of cleaning agents like magic glass cleaner or so. In case you are not interested in purchasing a new product for that purpose, you have some options from the kitchen of your home. But that is not supposed to give the best possible result;

Good luck!


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